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After developing different forms of entertainment and shows, Jori Veldhuizen (founder, owner and executive artist at Jovel Entertainment) has also developed the parades "Circo di Strada" and "UniQcycle".
Circo di Strada
Circo di Strada has grown into an international performance in a very short time and has been featured during the Formula 1 Grandprix in the Kingdom of Bahrain.
The international circus parade went to premiere in spring 2016. The unique circus companionship has been featured at various major events (including King Willem-Alexander in Zwolle and Circus of Insanity at Intents Festival), several parades (including the O-parade in Genk and Carnval Mundial), various annual markets and shopping malls. In 2017, Circo di Strada is also featured in the Amusement Park Toverland (during the midnight evenings), the race circuit of Zolder, the Streettheater festival in Belgium in Koksijde and the festival / parade Les Folies des Binbin in Valenciennes (France ).
The version of the circus parade with light will also perform in various Christmas markets in the Netherlands, Belgium and France in the autumn.

Jori Veldhuizen - creator of Circo di Strada
We proudly presented the latest performance UniQcycle in September 2017! UniQcycle is the mobile bike parade with unique bikes, ridden by artists in very striking colorful costumes, supported by happy matching music.