Circo di Strada - By Night

Circo di Strada, a unique act that will give your audience an unforgettable experience. Circo di Strada is a combination of multiple circus elements, such as stilt walking, juggling, unicycling and much more. This act has an extra surprise in the evening, the artists will light up! Thousands of LED lights will give your audience an experience to remember. This performance will create great interaction with your audience and is suitable for events in the evening, theme parks, parades and street theatre festivals. All costumes and circus materials have LED lights. Circo di Strada has 8 performing artists but can be performed with more artists as well (up to 25!). 

Circo di Strada by night is a perfect act for:

  • Christmas markets

  • Theme parks (in winter)

  • Firework Festivals

  • Parades (after sunset)

  • Light parades

  • Candle evening events

  • Evening events 

More information:

- Duration: 120 minutes (max.) for example: 4x30 minutes/3x40 minutes/2x60 minutes

-  Artists will be present 1,5 hours before the performance starts

-  Dressing room required

-  Measurements of the act: width: 1.5 meters wide/height: 4 meters long (can be adjusted to the location)

-  Mobile performance (with sound)

-  Performance with eight performers (more is possible, 25 performers max.)

-  For the booking we will take a close look at your wishes, the location, budget and availability of our artists