Circo di Strada

Circo di Strada – The circus performance that will amaze you!

Circo di Strada is an amazing and varied theatrical performance, created in Holland by Jovel Entertainment and especially made to create great show moments for your audience.  

Circo di Strada is an amazing and varied circus performance with a unique combination of (live) music and multiple circus elements, such as stilt walking, juggling, unicycling and much more! The performers will walk through the audience to show the most amazing tricks in combination with show moments. This parade is suitable for all kinds of events, for example: street theatre, theme parks and parades. Circo di Strada is circus and show, a complete experience! A successful combination for your audience and event. 

Circo di Strada is suitable for/as:

  • Street Theatre

  • Theme Parks

  • Festivals

  • Parades

  • Opening act

  • Performance: shopping malls, festivities, markets 

More information

  •  Duration: 120 minutes (max.) for example: 4x30 minutes/3x40 minutes/2x60 minutes

  • Artists will be present 1,5 hours before the performance starts

  • -Dressing room required

  • Measurements of the act: width: 1.5 meters wide/height: 4 meters long (can be adjusted to the location)

  • Mobile performance (with sound)

  • Performance with eight performers (more is possible, 25 performers max.)

  • For the booking we will take a close look at your wishes, the location, budget and availability of our artists 


Circo di Strada, also performing internationally: Formula 1 Grand Prix Bahrain.

The amazing parade Circo di Strada, a performance created by Jovel Entertainment, was already successful in The Netherlands and Europe, but now also performs outside of Europe! The artists from the company Jovel Entertainment performed at the Grand Prix at the Bahrain International Circuit (14, 15 and 16 April 2017). On April 12th a group of nine artists of Jovel Entertainment travelled to Bahrain to perform at the Formula 1 Gulf Air Grand Prix, a race with the well-known Max Verstappen. Next to the races, this big sport event has multiple concerts from famous artists and other shows. Jori Veldhuizen, owner and founder of Jovel Entertainment: ‘It is like a dream coming true, having success internationally at such a big and important event with my own company and perform with so many talented artists. We performed for thousands of visitors and for three days with the Circo di Strada crew, it was a great experience’.